Kušanje ulja i posluživanje hrane

Kroz godine i godine kušanja, kao vlasnici uljare Sv. Ivan u Vodicama i nekoliko većih maslinika saznali smo o maslinovom ulju gotovo sve što se o njemu moglo naučiti. Maslinarstvo i proizvodnja maslinovog ulja godinama su u našoj obitelji.


Naša prostrana kušaonica koja se prostire na 150 četvornih metara, okružena velikim parkirnim prostorom pogodnim za autobuse, fleksibilnost radnog vremena, kao i sposobnost prilagodbe potrebama naših posjetitelja čine uljaru Sv. Ivan Izvrsna ideja za začiniti svoj odmor ili bijeg vikendom. Sam interijer u kojem prevladavaju prirodni materijali i boje djeluje ugodno i umirujuće, pa kao takav pruža opuštajući odmor od užurbane svakodnevice. Kušaonica se sastoji od dvije velike prostorije opremljene za kušanje ulja i posluživanje hrane te velike kuhinje s kaminom i blagovaonicom predviđenim za manje grupe.


Everyone needs to try this. Very spontaneous booking for me, but can’t believe how happy I am I went for it. Tomislav and Helena are amazing hosts who genuinely make you feel at home as If they are hosting friends and showing them the intricacies of olive oil, as well as sharing random life experiences In Croatia – which was a unique perspective to say the least!

Most Impressively, Tomislav and Helena as a team know literally everything about olives and olive and are able to dumb it down and come out with a ton of actual learning points. Tomislav especially is a true expert… Just ask him about some of his awards…

The taste testing portion was my favourite where you are able to actually distinguish between qualities of olive – something I always just thought was a marketing item and that qualities were essentially the same across any establishments.

All the food was also incredibly delicious and they definitely make sure you leave the place satisfied with food and drink. I hope their plans to continue providing this wonderful service to us passengers of Vodice and the surrounding area see nothing but success – I have a feeling they will!


We were lucky to visit Tomislav & Helena Oil farm. It Is lovely place, which is the leader in capacity In Croatia. The building is constructed in modern style and interiors are very well furnished with respect to philosophy and history of the rustical Country.

Helena and Tomislav were extremely informative, they explained how the plant started, showed us through the whole process of how the oil is extracted from the olives, demonstrated the difference between sorts of olive trees.

It was of great help as could aid me in the future when choosing oil for personal consumption. There is a tasting of oil at the end of experience, all food has exceptional value for the quality – homemade fresh cheese, Croatian prsut, bread and red wine. I must say it was one of the best experience because owners treated us as we were very welcome and close friends of them. I definitely would recommend this place to everybody. I wish Tomislav and Helena to realize all their plans and keep up the good work! Cheers!


We are more than satisfied, the hospitality was perfect! Thanks for the detailed tour, we learned so much about the olives and the oil. Wish you all the best! Hopefully we will be back soon. ?


We had a very nice afternoon! We are glad that we have registered for this excursion! We have gained many new insights! The Verprobung of olive oil and the wine were great! The hosts very warmly! I think such an impression I could not win elsewhere. Thanks to Tomislav and his wife Helena!


We had a wonderful time with Tomislav and Helena. They were both very knowledgeable about the world of olives and olive oil and we learned a whole bunch of things that we will be able to use in the future! Plus, they had great stories and the food was delicious and all had a personal touch. Thanks much!


Tomislav and Helena are friendly and enthusiastic about their olive mill. Learned a lot about extra virgin, Polyphenols and Oblica. Nice food and very nice wine! And a lot of good advice about how to use olive oil.


Hat uns viel Spaß gemacht.